The boyfriend:

“After the food is ready and after waiting for the dozen or so pictures to be taken, I have the privilege to sit down and actually enjoy these delicious meals, but the fact that I get to date the master chef behind Gangy Buffet is just one perk, she is an absolutely terrific person and I could not be luckier to have her in my life. My stomach feels that way too!”-Ryan.

The Bestfriend:

“Cynthias cooking reflects her as a person and how she interacts with people, she puts time, thought, care, and love, into both her friendships and cooking. This is obvious!”-Alyssa.

The Family:

Aunt Sylvie:

“One of the first moments that I realised Cynthia had a magical touch with food was late at night after eating an extraordinary meal with her family. Everyone wanted dessert but couldn’t quite make it off the couches and someone said ‘I wish I could have a real frappacino’. Cynthia quietly left the room and embarked on recreating (exactly!) the most perfect dessert frappacino. The happiness in the room around said it all. After that I looked forward to her moments of ‘get up, and create’ but even more, I LOVED the ‘taste’ part. ☺”

Andrea, Joe, and Sacha valley:

Meet them here!


Grandma Gisela:



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