Everyone always asks me about my website….


Warning: It’s pretty cute.

It all dates back to 15ish years ago…

Little baby me loved candy, and I couldn’t pronounce “candy” so it sounded like “gangy”

I loved going to the Buffet, because there was always a table just with toppings for the ice cream machine.

I called this the famous GANGY BUFFET!

Little baby me told my family once, “when I grow up, I’m going to have my own Gangy Buffet”

Little did I know, my Gangy Buffet would not include skittles, waffers, and sprinkles,

but rather Granola, recipes, homemade chocolate coconut bars, life tips, and workouts…

When I created this website, I wanted to always remind myself of my roots, and even even though this “Gangy” Buffet is far from my little-baby imigination…

I think it’s perfect, and meant to be!

Cynthia Hule

 (Herbivore Dino Shirt)


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