My name is Cynthia and I love to make delicious dishes! (Alliteration) I also am an International Baccalaureate candidate , graduating this May. This website celebrated its one year anniversary last March!

I hope you enjoy following me through the year and learning about vegan and vegetarian gourmet dishes! Get your taste buds ready, this will be a great ride!


I am from France, and I love to travel. I am living in the US, with my family, and enjoying every minute of it. Last summer I visited France and got inspired by many of the dishes I used to just eat, not enjoy them! Look for tons of french recipes on my site, using my favorite ingredients : Tomatoes, Goat cheese, and don’t forget.. Basil!


I often do stuff like this with my incredible partner! He’s the official taste tester around here!

What can I say, we’re in love!

I didn’t always used to be a vegetarian. This October will mark my two years of starting a vegetarian lifestyle. I made the transition last year at age 17 because I wanted to change the way I felt about eating. Ever since then, I really dove into cooking and I am learning so many new things. I hope you enjoy these recipes, and feel free to adapt them with any meaty products you would like!

© Cynthia Hulé, 2012. Please give credit where credit is due when using my recipes, always refer back to the original link.  contact me at if planning on using pictures from my website. Thank you


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