I’ve been so in love lately


With two things:

-my perfect partner
-my new juicer.

Lately we’ve been working on extra ways to give to each other, and I’ve totally enjoyed the phone calls and sweet sayings while he’s totally enjoying his increased smoothies and love sandwiches after work.

But really one thing I think we can both agree on that improve a day: fresh juice!

This machine is awesome. I trow stuff in, endure the awful loud noise, and seconds later… I’m in paradise enjoying this drink.

I really did NOT think homemade juice would be this impressive to me, but boy… I am obsessed!!

Now that I’m done ranting about juice, more about relationships.

A couple months ago I made a clear distinction in our relationship. This would be a place for me to give, and not a place to take.
This distinction has to me improved the way I feel more and more everyday, when you start looking into a relationship to give, things change. You are no longer depriving the relationship, you are expanding it.
And with both partners with the main focus on giving, you cannot even imagine the vast amount that both receive.

What about you, have you made distinctions in your relationship which have totally increases the level of energy, love and passion you feel?

Give this one a try: simply begin to approach your relationship to give. Be a giver, and do not take or expect… Simply allow the other to follow the bandwagon to years of happiness!

This can also be very beneficial in other relationships such as work, family, and friends!

Thank you for reading. Have a great day, I love you all!


A new juice day!


Today, I really enjoyed my juice.

A had a cucumber juice
A double orange juice
And a grapefruit orange and apple one! Yum.

What is your favorite juice?

A new friend…


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I have recently made a new friend.

His name is juiceman, and he is my new juicer!!

My first juicer!

I am so excited to share with you some o’ my first new- few juice recipes!!

Morning burst:

-One Orange

-Three Apples

-12 Grapes

-Slice of lemon

Reboot boost :

-3 Carrots

-One slice lemon

Refresh and Retry:

-One cucumber

Have a great Sunday everyone!

I love you all so much, thank you for stopping by!

Good morning


Good morning friends!
Here’s a quick yummy breakfast smoothie that reminded me a little of summer during this cold rainy weekend.


Blueberry banana smoothie
-2 frozen bananas
-1 cup blueberries
-1/2 cup water
And the special part,
– teaspoon vanilla extract!!!

Have a wonderful morning!
I love you all so much!!

Walking on Sunshine!


Good morning!

Happy Saturday,  what do you have planned today?

I’m getting ready for something really fun…

Taking pictures for my friend, of her and her boyfriend.

Oh they are so cute!

Cute, Cute, Cute!

Since I will be on the go, I’ve gotta think of a great vitamin kick to start off the day!

What about a little sunshine on this cloudy day…

Walking on sunshine:

-One lemon

-Half of a grapefruit

-One orange

Juice all of these using a manual juicer and sip all day!

Enjoy your day!

LOVE you,


A few Sweet Treats and a Little Song To Go Along!!



I thought it might be time to let you know the answer to one of my favorite questions…

What sweets and treats do you eat?

Oh my!

Oh boy!

Do I LOVE sweets…

Healthy sweets, that is!

Here are a few of my new favorites, and my all time favorites!

Dark Chocolate Covered Ginger (Trader Joes)

Cherries and almonds in dark chocolate bar (chocolove xoxox)

Yogurt covered almonds (trader joes)

Raisins and pecans in dark chocolate bar (trader joes)

Sunny bears! (the vegan and real fruit version of fruit snacks)- (whole foods)

Twisty fruit, aka: cliff twists (Cliff)

Dark chocolate covered espresso beans (Trader joes)

Dark Chocolate covered Orange peels (grandma’s house!)

Oh boy, good thing there’s still some dark chocolate left in the pantry!

And a little song to go along, since by now we all associate this song to chocolate-thanks to Hershey’s! :

Pineapple Orange Delight (Raw-Vegan)


This is super simple and the best recipe for any Vitamix owner!

This is my favorite way to use the vitamix! My grandma and I came up with this recipe the other day, and it sure was tasty!

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Pineapple Orange Delight:

-1/4 Fresh Pineapple

-Two oranges (leave the pith!)

-Two slices of lemon (buy organic or peel off the skin)

-2 cups of ice cups!

-1 cup water

Now this will make quite a bit, so invite some friends to share it with!!

A Wonderful change..


From now on, My photography will be so much better, because I was gifted some awesome birthday gifts for my 18th birthday. I got my first lens camera, and a light-box!  So excited!

I am also happy to announce that I have been making progress on the cookbook, and everything is turning out great!

How have you been my friend?

Enjoy your day, and as Tony would say “live with passion!”


Morning Routines


It’s always been difficult for me to wake up in the morning on week days, really difficult even!

Since eliminating my limiting belief that waking up in the morning is awful, I’ve changed my outlook from asking myself questions in the morning like “why do I have to get up?” or “Why does this always happen to me?” to questions now that will support me when I wake up. A few of my new morning favorites are “Why am I so blessed?” and “What great things can I accomplish today”

See, every communication you have with yourself, whether you realize it or not, is a form of a question and answer. Think about that and see why it’s true for you too!

Now if you have questions like the ones I used to have, you are asking questions and the answers can only be negative. Ask the questions I’m asking now, and you will instantly be filled with all the thoughts of how great life!

Think about the first question, and typical responses:

-Why do I have to get up


-I have a terrible job that requires me to get up

-I have to do this because I have no control over what time I wake up because of life events and rituals.

-School requires me to get up so early

-I have to get up because I went to bed so late and i’m still tired

-life stinks

-life is rough

Not a great way to start off the morning, although I used to!

Now look at this:

-Why am I so blessed this morning upon waking?


-I GET to wake up and experience I new day of life

-I’m still here, and breathing!

-I get to go to school and better my future

-I get to see my friends and enjoy myself

-I get to eat breakfast and fill my stomach

-I get to have a good day if I really think of all my blessings

See a shift… The key words are “HAVE TO” and “GET TO”

You don’t “have to” do anything… You choose to, and get to.

Make that distinction clear in your mind!

Now try these new empowering morning questions in place of your old, and tell me how you feel after doing these a week!

This always creates such a great mood for me and life is so much more rewarding when you carry this attitude around!

Also another great way to get happy in the morning:

-Chia seed kefir water with juice and the perfect breakfast bowl of yogurt, strawberries, cashews, avocado, and love!

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This also helps wake me up and make me happy! I usually ask the question and listen after!