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Apple pie pancakes


Here’s a wonderful partner approved recipe for apple pie pancakes.

I originally found the recipe from chocolate covered Katie: thanks Katie! You make vegan healthy yummy breakfast so EASY!

Apple pie pancakes:
-1/2 cup chopped peeled apple
-teaspoon baking powder
-two tablespoons oats
-1/3 cup flour
-teaspoon cinnamon
-1 tablespoon sugar
-1/3 cup almond/rice milk

Cook as you would any pancake, and serve with agave nectar!!!

Love these on days where Brownie batter pancakes and cookie dough pancakes aren’t already in my stomach!!!

Have a wonderful day!


Pineapple Orange Delight (Raw-Vegan)


This is super simple and the best recipe for any Vitamix owner!

This is my favorite way to use the vitamix! My grandma and I came up with this recipe the other day, and it sure was tasty!

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Pineapple Orange Delight:

-1/4 Fresh Pineapple

-Two oranges (leave the pith!)

-Two slices of lemon (buy organic or peel off the skin)

-2 cups of ice cups!

-1 cup water

Now this will make quite a bit, so invite some friends to share it with!!

Victory Tea- A wonderful reward


Thursday night:

Exhausted, still over 3 hours to go on this biology thesis

Relax, take a bath, back to reality of the computer calling me

A little inspirational music to keep the time ticking quickly and get the words down quick

and then, a miracle…

I stare over my finalized 7 page deal, there- I exclaim.

It’s 12pm, I’m exhausted but I really want to reward myself for all this hard work, after all this paper kicked my butt!

I run downstairs, reach for my favorite tea: Tazo Passion

And pour water into my mustard colored tea-kettle, the whistle wakes me up a little, and I pour the water, and steep my tea.

Then, I go back upstairs, and drink slow sips of my tea sweetned with Amber Agave, and think about my life goals some,

Finally I doze of to sleep and wake up all over again with my morning incantation!

Remember for any goal: It’s 80% why you want to achieve it, and 20% how you’re going to achieve it!

Vegan & Healthy: Peanut Butter cookies


These yummies are super sweet and chewy!

No-one will ever dislike vegan cookies again…

Vegan Peanut Butter Cookies: (recipe from Chocolate Covered Katie)

-1/2 cup Organic peanut butter

-3/4 teaspoon Baking soda

-3 tablespoons Whole wheat flour (it’s three tablespoons, you won’t be able to tell the difference relax!)

-1/4 cup sugar

-2 tablespoons applesauce

Bake at 350 for 8 minutes, when you take them out they won’t look quite done, that’s normal, let them sit on the cookie sheet until cooled, and they will be perfect!

Enjoy your vegan cookies! And hopefully this success will lead you to many more success with vegan cookies!

Daily Apple Cider Vinegar tricks!


Everyday, when I first wake up, and right after my morning incantation, I drink my alkalyzing beverage: Apple cider vinegar in water.

Here are a few other ways to keep Apple cider vinegar close during the day:

-Drop a few drops in your water bottle to take to work and stay 3 times more hydrates than just regular water

-Make your own salad dressing: juice of one orange, teaspoon apple cider vinegar, teaspoon Grapeseed oil, salt & pepper.

-drip apple cider vinegar on a washcloth and wash your hands using it as an anti-bateria soap.

-mix 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar to 1/4 cup dried clay to make a face mask-Amazing results


Sounds like you need to go to the store and buy a gallon bottle!

Remember it’s important for these purposes for your apple cider vinegar to be: raw, unfiltered, and “with the mother” or “living strands”.


Stay alkalized!


Eating Vegetarian in Kansas City- The TRUE story


By now, many of you may have read the article in the New York times of today, and online about eating vegetarian in Kansas city.

You can read it here if you would like.

This article is poorly researched, flawed, and clearly does not reflect the views of all the vegans, vegetarians, raw foodies, and local eaters of the Kansas City area.

The article claims that the writer was served lard in her re-fried beans, and has spent the last three days eating iceberg lettuce. The interesting thing about the article is that she has spent no time researching where to eat here, and what the natural foods community here has to offer.

The writer chose to eat at a gressy fast food joint, a Greek meat Gyros spot, and at a the chinese food market- Places where vegeterian food is not served ANYWHERE, not just in kansas city. We all know, no matter where we live, that the gressy burger place will not serve us organic lettuce, or that the Gyro meat shop won’t serve us chickpea patties… That’s why vegeterians avoid these places, not only in Kansas City.


So where do vegeterians eat in kansas city?

Well how about checking out these places…

Fud: an all natural, vegan, mostly raw, and local restaurant

Eden Alley: on the plaza, an all vegetarian restaurant bursting with charm

Cafee gratitude: opens soon!

One more cup: the cutest coffee shop with organic milk, and cold brewed coffee.

Trader Joes: Our all new super-store for all the natural foods you could ever need, and great prices on cheese!

Whole Foods: Great organic food, nice community, and also a wonderful salad bar any vegan would love!

Hy-vee, Sunfresh: Both of these stores have great health marts, no need to even drive far away!

Green Acres: A local green-powerhouse of a food store located in briarcliff!

Conveniently natural Cafe and store: Carries loads of natural brands, including local veggies.

Badseed Market: Celebrating local foods, culture and community!


Vegans, raw foodies, and others may also want to join the wonderful Kansas City Raw food union on facebook- A great commnuty of veggie friends. Raw vegan potlucks are organized twice a month!


Does this sound like greasy re-fried beans to you? Don’t blindly trust news articles!

Happy eating!



Toasted Sesame Carrot Salad


Toasted Sesame Carrot Salad

-3 carrots shreaded

-1 teaspoon Toasted Sesame oil

-1/4 cup mixed Raisins and Cranberries

-1/4 cup Pecans

-1/4 cup Walnuts

-1/4 cup fresh Shreaded coconut

-1 teaspoon Raw Apple cider vinegar (please choose organic because of the apples)

-1/2 teaspoon dijon mustard

Mix, mix, mix and enjoy!

Healthy vegan Chocolate Oatmeal


This is by far the best way to have oatmeal I’ve ever tried! I would like to add a few strawberries, or raspberries when they are in season, I bet those would make a great addition!

Healthy Vegan Chocolate Oatmeal: (Recipe from Chocolate Covered Katie)

-1/2 cups Rolled Oats

-3/4 cup Almond milk (make yours homemade with ida-the-vita)

-2 tablespoons raw Cacao powder (cocoa will work too)

-1 tablespoon Honey

-One banana

In a small sauce pan, mash the banana in the almond milk, and add all the other ingredients. Cook for 5 minutes on medium high heat, stirring with a fork often when it starts to bubble! Enjoy!

Chocolate, and whole grains… What a great way to start the day!

My last bite of 2011… Raw Vegan Cashew Dreamcake!


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Oh my.

The new year came early, without notice again.

What good news: I always feel inspired to start my goals and set new deadlines then!

Less great news  is that the pile of homework sitting on my desk needs to be done by Wednesday

But really, nothing matters when you’re eating cheesecake

Raw, vegan, raspberry cashew dreamcake!!

Oh my. Oh my! (Click on oh my for recipe)

Easy to make, effortless to love!

My new years resolutions…warning, this is not all about food!


2012 will be the best I have ever had so far, I truly believe it.

This year, I will be doing a lot of tony robbins, nlp, and identifying limiting beliefs in order to improve my life significantly.

A big part of creating goals is to get other people involved to keep you on the right track. I once read that the biggest mistake in setting new goals is do set them alone.

So readers, here’s your job. Keep me to these, by writing them, and sharing them, I know I’m not the only one holding myself accountable.

I split these up into a few lists in order to keep things more organized.

getting my Baccalaureate, Improving my overall health, and continuing healthy eating habits, and being prepared for college are my four large categories.

The first and third are just a lot of lists, deadlines, and plans such as “submit extended essay by February…”

But here are two you could draw inspiration from:

Daily Healthy eating habits: (have implimented daily as of february 1st)

-Increase healthy fats (Avocado, Coconut, Olive)

-Use cronometer to track all meals

-Increase daily snacks (Almonds, Cashews)

-ALWAYS remember to take my vitamins

-Drink alkalizing morning beverage (lemon+sea salt, Apple cider vinegar, Green drink)

-3 full meals, and 2 substantial snacks per day

-5 protein packed sources, one for each meal

-At least 8 glasses of water a day

-80% raw foods and greens

-ALWAYS pack lunches and snacks when on the go

Improving overall health Mental, Emotional, Physical:

-integrate daily eating habit list by February 1st.

-Evening meditation+ Swish NLP

-Perfect a beauty routine

-improve posture, and flexibility

-Morning Yoga (15-20 minutes)

-Daily exercise (great hulu workouts, light weights) key word: FUN

-reduce long naps to 30 minute powernaps

-weekend mornings speed walk (1 mile)

-morning incantation

evening incantation

-Powerdown, release of negativity.

-Listen to encouraging talks.

-Consciously replacing negative statement with positive statements.

-identify limiting beliefs

Now that I’ve shared a lot of my goals, what are yours? Any big plans for this new year, and the rest of your life?