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Quick and Easy weednight: Colorful, flavorful mashed veggies


Last week we looked at how to make easy steamed veggies. Adding some cream, and a little cheese here’s some great homemade quick side dish mashed potatoes!

These are so colorful, and delish!!


Mashed Colorful Potatoes:

-steamed veggies

-1/2 cup Sour cream

-3/4 cup Parmesiano Regiano cheese

Mash up your steamed veggies (usingĀ a wisk or fork)cheese! Stick in the oven if not hot enough!


Here are some veggie combos I love, so colorful!

-potato and kale: green

-purple potatoes: Purple

-Potato and carrots: orange

-potato and turnip: white

Have a good easy quick weednight dish!


Quick & Easy weeknight: Steamed Vegetables


Last week, I showed an easy way to add a side dish: Quinoa!

Here’s another side dish, for the easy weeknight, serve this with some grains, and a big salad and fruit, and dinner is ready!


Steamed Vegetables infinite ways:

-any veggies in your fridge


-pressure cooker

Peel your veggies, leave whole, cut, or dice. Drop them in the basket of your pressure cooker, and add a cup of water at the bottom, place the basket above the water and steam for seven minutes after the lever is up! ta-da!!!


Here are some veggie combinations I like:

-root veggies

-potato & carrot

-Purple potato and beets

-Fennel and Sweet potato

-Carrots and turnips


Have fun and enjoy putting hot veggies on the table in less than 20 minutes!

Quick & Easy weeknights: Flavorful Quinoa


Quinoa is a great way to add whole grains to any meal, and is much healthier than pastas as a side dish!

Since this is a healthy whole grain, serve it up..and eat it up!

Add quinoa to any dish that is needing a side, or some healthy grains.

Cooking Quinoa is as easy as pasta, but without any flavor added when cooking, it’s a rather bland grain. It does have a small nutty flavor.

Add a cup of Quinoa to a cup and a half of water and simmer for 20 minutes, or untill all the water has evaporated. The grains should pop open, and release their little sprout. Add boilon cubes, wild mushroom gravy, or even a half a cup of tomato paste to the water in order to add some flavor!

Enjoy along with your favorite veggies! Serve hot!