Pushing your morning workout further…


I’m have to admit, I have a tendency to push away workouts, telling myself “I’ll do that tomorrow” or “oh, it’s fine I worked out the other day”.

It’s a tendency I’m glad to break today…

My aunt and I did a wonderful P90X workout this morning followed by some really nice yoga and working on the first stages of some advanced yoga poses.

Usually, I would have said “No, I’m not advanced enough to try this..” but this morning we shattered that belief, and replaced it with a new one  **My body is capable of so much more that I can possibly imagine**


Try adding this belief to your workout!



Here are so other new beliefs that will push you further in your workouts:

**It can either hurt shortly now, or it can hurt forever later**

**As soon as you feel you are reaching your limit, see your limit growing further from you as you practice.**

**Think you how nice stretching will be once you push through this move**

**Visualize your cells rejuvenate as you push through a breakthrough workout**

**As you reach the highest intensity of your workout, smile, it’s gets easier this moment on**


After your workout, take time to indulge in knowing you have pushed yourself!

Have a wonderful day,

and workout with passion!

Cynthia Hule


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