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Apple pie pancakes


Here’s a wonderful partner approved recipe for apple pie pancakes.

I originally found the recipe from chocolate covered Katie: thanks Katie! You make vegan healthy yummy breakfast so EASY!

Apple pie pancakes:
-1/2 cup chopped peeled apple
-teaspoon baking powder
-two tablespoons oats
-1/3 cup flour
-teaspoon cinnamon
-1 tablespoon sugar
-1/3 cup almond/rice milk

Cook as you would any pancake, and serve with agave nectar!!!

Love these on days where Brownie batter pancakes and cookie dough pancakes aren’t already in my stomach!!!

Have a wonderful day!


Why we ALL need to eat better!


Yesterday, I found myself reaching into my sisters candy bag for some artificially sweetened and artificially colored and flavored candy…

I pride myself on my healthy eating habits, and my commitment to a better self.

WHY was I eating this?

Simple answer, it was as Tony Robbins calls it… a quick fix to a larger problem (my shaky commitment to healthy treats)

Of course, as soon as the candy hit my mouth all the expectations of sweet sugary cherry yummy-ness faded, as I was faced with the fact that I knew it wouldn’t do any good for my body.

In this moment of weakness, I had to options…

1) spit out the junk and find something fresh

2) eat it, and write a kick-butt blog post about it

I chose the latter, and I chose to from here on out, commit to a life where I not only pride myself on eating correctly, but also follow through.. even with the little things.

I know that this post, will now hold me even more accountable to make the right choices.

PS: We can all do this!!

Pushing your morning workout further…


I’m have to admit, I have a tendency to push away workouts, telling myself “I’ll do that tomorrow” or “oh, it’s fine I worked out the other day”.

It’s a tendency I’m glad to break today…

My aunt and I did a wonderful P90X workout this morning followed by some really nice yoga and working on the first stages of some advanced yoga poses.

Usually, I would have said “No, I’m not advanced enough to try this..” but this morning we shattered that belief, and replaced it with a new oneĀ  **My body is capable of so much more that I can possibly imagine**


Try adding this belief to your workout!



Here are so other new beliefs that will push you further in your workouts:

**It can either hurt shortly now, or it can hurt forever later**

**As soon as you feel you are reaching your limit, see your limit growing further from you as you practice.**

**Think you how nice stretching will be once you push through this move**

**Visualize your cells rejuvenate as you push through a breakthrough workout**

**As you reach the highest intensity of your workout, smile, it’s gets easier this moment on**


After your workout, take time to indulge in knowing you have pushed yourself!

Have a wonderful day,

and workout with passion!

Cynthia Hule

Hey friends!!


Here is a quick list of what I’ve been up to!! Sorry I have not blogged in so long… But since we all know I’ve been gone from gangybuffet, what have I been up to?

-Ryan and I continued the tradition and made Easter cards (see on facebook!)
-I got really sick and had to stay home a few days
-I wrote a nine page paper in record time
-had lots of walks outside in the newly nice weather
– and found a lot of fun craft ideas (see my DIY pinterest!)

See you soon! Happy easter!!