I’ve been so in love lately


With two things:

-my perfect partner
-my new juicer.

Lately we’ve been working on extra ways to give to each other, and I’ve totally enjoyed the phone calls and sweet sayings while he’s totally enjoying his increased smoothies and love sandwiches after work.

But really one thing I think we can both agree on that improve a day: fresh juice!

This machine is awesome. I trow stuff in, endure the awful loud noise, and seconds later… I’m in paradise enjoying this drink.

I really did NOT think homemade juice would be this impressive to me, but boy… I am obsessed!!

Now that I’m done ranting about juice, more about relationships.

A couple months ago I made a clear distinction in our relationship. This would be a place for me to give, and not a place to take.
This distinction has to me improved the way I feel more and more everyday, when you start looking into a relationship to give, things change. You are no longer depriving the relationship, you are expanding it.
And with both partners with the main focus on giving, you cannot even imagine the vast amount that both receive.

What about you, have you made distinctions in your relationship which have totally increases the level of energy, love and passion you feel?

Give this one a try: simply begin to approach your relationship to give. Be a giver, and do not take or expect… Simply allow the other to follow the bandwagon to years of happiness!

This can also be very beneficial in other relationships such as work, family, and friends!

Thank you for reading. Have a great day, I love you all!

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