A few Sweet Treats and a Little Song To Go Along!!



I thought it might be time to let you know the answer to one of my favorite questions…

What sweets and treats do you eat?

Oh my!

Oh boy!

Do I LOVE sweets…

Healthy sweets, that is!

Here are a few of my new favorites, and my all time favorites!

Dark Chocolate Covered Ginger (Trader Joes)

Cherries and almonds in dark chocolate bar (chocolove xoxox)

Yogurt covered almonds (trader joes)

Raisins and pecans in dark chocolate bar (trader joes)

Sunny bears! (the vegan and real fruit version of fruit snacks)- (whole foods)

Twisty fruit, aka: cliff twists (Cliff)

Dark chocolate covered espresso beans (Trader joes)

Dark Chocolate covered Orange peels (grandma’s house!)

Oh boy, good thing there’s still some dark chocolate left in the pantry!

And a little song to go along, since by now we all associate this song to chocolate-thanks to Hershey’s! :

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