My new years resolutions…warning, this is not all about food!


2012 will be the best I have ever had so far, I truly believe it.

This year, I will be doing a lot of tony robbins, nlp, and identifying limiting beliefs in order to improve my life significantly.

A big part of creating goals is to get other people involved to keep you on the right track. I once read that the biggest mistake in setting new goals is do set them alone.

So readers, here’s your job. Keep me to these, by writing them, and sharing them, I know I’m not the only one holding myself accountable.

I split these up into a few lists in order to keep things more organized.

getting my Baccalaureate, Improving my overall health, and continuing healthy eating habits, and being prepared for college are my four large categories.

The first and third are just a lot of lists, deadlines, and plans such as “submit extended essay by February…”

But here are two you could draw inspiration from:

Daily Healthy eating habits: (have implimented daily as of february 1st)

-Increase healthy fats (Avocado, Coconut, Olive)

-Use cronometer to track all meals

-Increase daily snacks (Almonds, Cashews)

-ALWAYS remember to take my vitamins

-Drink alkalizing morning beverage (lemon+sea salt, Apple cider vinegar, Green drink)

-3 full meals, and 2 substantial snacks per day

-5 protein packed sources, one for each meal

-At least 8 glasses of water a day

-80% raw foods and greens

-ALWAYS pack lunches and snacks when on the go

Improving overall health Mental, Emotional, Physical:

-integrate daily eating habit list by February 1st.

-Evening meditation+ Swish NLP

-Perfect a beauty routine

-improve posture, and flexibility

-Morning Yoga (15-20 minutes)

-Daily exercise (great hulu workouts, light weights) key word: FUN

-reduce long naps to 30 minute powernaps

-weekend mornings speed walk (1 mile)

-morning incantation

evening incantation

-Powerdown, release of negativity.

-Listen to encouraging talks.

-Consciously replacing negative statement with positive statements.

-identify limiting beliefs

Now that I’ve shared a lot of my goals, what are yours? Any big plans for this new year, and the rest of your life?

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