Quick and Easy weednight: Colorful, flavorful mashed veggies


Last week we looked at how to make easy steamed veggies. Adding some cream, and a little cheese here’s some great homemade quick side dish mashed potatoes!

These are so colorful, and delish!!


Mashed Colorful Potatoes:

-steamed veggies

-1/2 cup Sour cream

-3/4 cup Parmesiano Regiano cheese

Mash up your steamed veggies (using a wisk or fork)cheese! Stick in the oven if not hot enough!


Here are some veggie combos I love, so colorful!

-potato and kale: green

-purple potatoes: Purple

-Potato and carrots: orange

-potato and turnip: white

Have a good easy quick weednight dish!

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