Quick & Easy weeknight: Steamed Vegetables


Last week, I showed an easy way to add a side dish: Quinoa!

Here’s another side dish, for the easy weeknight, serve this with some grains, and a big salad and fruit, and dinner is ready!


Steamed Vegetables infinite ways:

-any veggies in your fridge


-pressure cooker

Peel your veggies, leave whole, cut, or dice. Drop them in the basket of your pressure cooker, and add a cup of water at the bottom, place the basket above the water and steam for seven minutes after the lever is up! ta-da!!!


Here are some veggie combinations I like:

-root veggies

-potato & carrot

-Purple potato and beets

-Fennel and Sweet potato

-Carrots and turnips


Have fun and enjoy putting hot veggies on the table in less than 20 minutes!


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