Roasted Pickled Beets with Mint-Honey dressing


I really love the sweetness of this! no more tart beets, sorry-bout-it!


Roasted Pickled Beets with Honey-Mint Dressing: Original recipe

-One jar of homemade or market bought local pickled beets

-2 tablespoons Balsamic vinegar

-Sprig of  fresh mint (mine is still growing, even with the freezing weather)

-1/4 cup Honey

-1/4 cup pickled beet juice

-Salt & Pepper
-teaspoon of Extra virgin Olive Oil

-Goat cheese (optional)

Roast beets in the olive oil on medium heat. when the have started to be really roasted, add the balsamic vinegar and comtinue to roast, when decolorating begins (5 minutes), turn to medium low heat, and add all other ingredients. Add a little crumbled goat cheese when serving! Serve warm


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