Glazed Orange Rolls


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Ryan’s father loves Orange Rolls. I found that out last year, at easter when we had a morning breakfast all together. Me and Ryan’s stepmom Candise made batches and batches of cinnamon rolls, and a couple special rolls, which were oranger flavored.

This year, when we went over to their house for thanksgiving, I took the oppertunity, to make a special treat just for him. Homemade Fresh, Glazed Orange Rolls.

Glazed Orange Rolls: from Ginger Bread Bagels

The author of ginger bread bagels does such a great job explaining this recipe, This is the ONLY recipe i’ve ever linked my readers too without my changes!

And they were tasty!!! I am thinking of turning it into a little tradition, and bring a couple at every holiday I join them for.

Sweet fall treats, and sharing!  🙂


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