Christmas Edible Decorations


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What I really mean by that, is decorations made from edible things. Not that one would go around eating their decorations, right?


This year, I made two fun cheap and easy vegan decorations from things I had in my kitchen.

Pomander balls, and a popcorn garland for the tree.

I have my own little Christmas tree in my room, and I love to find new ways to decorate it every year. I always like to keep it really simple. Last year, I decorated Ryan a small miniature ornament for every day of december. This year, it was a lot of fun to add all those to the little tree.

I chose a new theme thing year: Decorations from edible things.

The first thing that came to my mind were Pomander balls, they are SO easy to make and really make everything smell great.

Pomander balls: An old family tradition of mine

-One Orange, Lemon, Tangerine, Clementine, or even lime

-1/2 cup of cloves

Cover the orange in cloves, by pocking them into the peel of the orange. wet the pomander ball and then roll in an assortment of spices that make you thing of Christmas, like crushed cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger for example. Let dry and tie a ribbon around! enjoy!


The next thing that came to my mind was a simple Popcorn garland, really easy, but really rustic looking and fun!

I made a couple small ones of these and hung them on the tree too!

Popcorn Garland: Another tradition know to all

-one bag of salt free, butter free, completly natural just popcorn

-String and needle

Pop your microwave popcorn, and string it. Hang on the tree, and make sure curious little hands don’t eat some, or big hands for that matter!!



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