Homemade Celery Sea Salt


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Homemade Celery Sea  Salt: adapted from 101 cookbooks

-1/4 cup Sea Salt
-One bunch of celery leaves

When cooking with celery, keep the little leaves at the end of the stock for once and make your own Celery sea salt! This tastes yummy over eggs, and add so many more levels of flavors to soups and such.

At 350 degrees, bake the leaves, (about 5 minutes) you can all the water to have steamed out of them. These leaves should look crispy but still green. When you notice the leaves to start to brown, remove from oven and let cool completely.

Add the seas salt to a small mason-esk jar, and crumble the celery leaves. These should fall apart like dust.

Keep in airtight container, preferable a small glass jar, and keep away from moisture!

Enjoy your Celery sea salt, and use as you would regular sea salt.

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