Thanksgiving, my favorite holiday of the year!


Thanksgiving, is my favorite holiday of the year.

 I love that it is not present based, nor religion based, but family and care based.

 I love the crisp air, the fresh leaves floating in the air, and the abundant smell of cinnamon and nutmeg.

Here are a few bits of my thanksgiving I can share with you!

Thanksgiving plans: (written before thanksgiving- on tuesday)

I have quite a few things planned for thanksgiving this year. A year ago from today, I was celebrating with my bestfriend in New Orleans my favorite holiday. On tuesday of last year, we would have been.. in Whole Foods buying all the lovelies for our feast. All the cheeses, the breads, the fruit, the veggies, and fresh herbs and sweets.

One thing I did miss out on that year was my family.

So, this year, I am really excited to go to both my grandmother’s for thanksgiving, as well as Ryan’s mothers family’s thanksgiving, and his fathers thanksgiving too!

With three differant meals planned, and a lot of ideas for dishes to bring to help out, I am really excited!

But the best part of my thanksgiving is the Plaza Lights. Every year, our plaza turns on their lights at 6pm, where all the city gatherers to watch the show, and to see the first glipse of christmas appear.

This year, we will be going on a double date to the lights!Ryan’s friend Brandon and his lovely girlfriend Katie will be joining us for a magical show. I simply cannot wait! A latte in one hand, holding hands with the other… Thanksgiving will simply be my favorite holyday once again!

Dishes I plan on bringing this thanksgiving:

-Honey and Nutmeg Glassed Baby long Carrots

-Homemade Baguettes

-Pumpkin Dark Chocolate Torte

Every year, I seem to have a thanksgiving obsession. Something I just wanna eat a bowl of, drink cups of, or smeel tons of. This year my thanksgiving obsestion is definatly Sage!!

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