A Beautiful Present, and a Fall Deal


This weekend, I got a lovely present! For such a long time I had been looking for a pretty black dress, with a classy button tie in the back, and we found just the perfect one! Ryan got it for me as a present, it was very sweet, and I cannot wait to wear it.. Thanksgiving, dates, Dances, Christmas, New years.. EVERYWHERE!

Thank you sweetie, I love it!

I also found a skirt I’d been looking for for years at h&m this weekend too!


There’s nothing better at the store than a deal at my heath mart, And this weekend… they must have wanted to gift me joy.

My favorite juices were on sale, and not a little sale.. more like a 69 cents instead of 2.80 dollars sale!!

I was so excited I bought 7, and then, I returned to next day to buy 15 more!

This is my dream come true!!! Ah, Nantucket Nectars, I loveth Thee!

So here’s a few pictures of my weekend, and beautiful babies (I really love this juice)!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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