Squashing Squashes, and Alliteration.


This fall, I’ve been having the most fun, with my new full seasonal eating idea!

Oh the Squashes I’ve Squashed: acurately sums up my past few weeks.

Butternut, Acorn, spaghetti and Pumpkin Squashes… have all had their fair share of squashing!

Lately I’ve also felt the need to alliterate all of my tittles, oh my!

How to boil squashes:

First peel the squash, and cube it.

Drop in, with boiling water and simmer for 30 minutes, or untill you can poke through the pieces with a fork, (may take more than 20)

Mash and use it up for all your fall recipes, or freeze cubes or mashed.

Enjoy your seasonal eating,

And yes, I know Squashes, and Squashed, are not actual words!

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