Salty Caramel Hot Chocolate, as a late Vegan snack…


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Salty Caramel Vegan Hot Chocolate

-Two tablespoons homemade Salted Caramel (recipe to come!)

-1   1/2 cup Almond Milk (or your favorite, you may replace with cows milk if you wish)

-One tablespoon Raw Cacao Powder

Heat in the vitamix, or in your microvave, or on the stove top. Enjoy this late night snack, and find a project to do while sipping the cool falls evening away

Mine: Re-organizing my spools of thread!


What’s your favorite late night fall snack?


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    • A vitamix, is my favorite gift in the whole world.. we were meant for each other haha! No, it’s a really strong high powered blender! A soup foot can be found for really cheap, it just makes soup and mashes stuff!

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