A fall photo-shoot, and eating Seasonally


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The fall is my favorite season. What’s yours?

I just love to watch the leaves turn Orange, Yellow, Red, Purple, and lay under a tree as they slowly fall. Life seems to slow down in the fall, (of course IB homework just never does, and with my extended essay arround the corner, I am flooded in paper!)

But none the less, the leaves still change, fall, and accumulate into little piles on the ground, that crunch right under your feet. LOVE!

That is my favorite part of this season, though my close second in the taste and flavors of fall. The Cinnamon, the Ginger, the Nutmeg, and Cloves. The Pumpkin, the squashes, Pecans, and pumpkin seeds!

This post is all about fall, and eating seasonally, this season is about letting go of strawberries and blueberries, and eating straight from the pumpkin patch!

This week going grocery shopping, I only bought fall ingredients, and I cannot wait for a week of cooking these lovelies. Our health market, sales locally grown squashes and pie pumpkins, and though these may not look as pretty as the grocery ailse ones, I assure you that they are way better!

Pictured is a pie pumpkin (For Pumpkin spice granola), an acorn squash (To eat with buttered cinnamon once roasted), Organic whole milk (To make homemade  Ricotta cheese, and fall salted Caramel), Organic Rolled Oats (To make the Fall Pumpkin Spice Granola), and a butternut squash (for a delicious soup with Rosemary and Onion), a Sweet Potato (For roasted Sweet potato paties) and Fingerling Heirloom Potatoes (For Smashed Roasted potatoes).

What are your favorite fall flavors?

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