Road trip snacks!


I have a very fun three day weekend ahead of me, a road trip.. With both mine and teste-tester’s family to go visit the college we will be at next year- exciting stuff!

I love road trips, because of one word: Snacks

For this road trip, we will be making…

Organic Trail mix

Organic natural popcorn

-Lavender madeleines

-Homemade whole wheat “gold fish” real aged cheedar dinnos

-Mascott sugar cookies for an early celebration of gangy buffet’s 6 months.. (october 11)


Check for recipes after I get home! Have a great weekend, looking foreward to also sharring with you how to make your own cookie cutters, for the crackers!

Have a good weekend!


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  1. Hi There

    I love this recipe – you have a lot of great ideas, I’m really looking forward to looking back through your blog – it’s great to find it and thanks for stopping over at mine.

    I see we started our blogs about the same time 🙂 We are blogging twins!

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