Raw Vegan Coconut Balls for the Road Trip..


This idea came to me tonight, and I am in love with it…

This recipe is 100% raw, but you can surely use the ingredients in parenthesis if you either cannot find the raw version, or don’t really care for the raw aspect of the treat.

Raw Vegan Coconut Balls recipe:

-half cup homemade  Raw coconut butter. (you can also buy at a health food store)

-one tablespoon Raw Cacao powder. (this can be regular cocoa powder if you cannot find raw cacao powder)

-One tablespoon Raw agave nectar. (find this at whole foods, or you can use regular agave nectar, this is for the raw recipe value of it, really)

Mix all and drop into small cupcake liners, or wrap in plastic wrap.

Stick in the freezer, enjoy in a half an hour!


Homemade Raw Coconut Butter recipe:

you will need a high speed blender, for this. you can purchase already made coconut butter if you cannot make this part, or blend shredded coconut from the store if you do not have a fresh coconut.

-Meat of one coconut

blend in your high speed blender the meat of one coconut until it turns from chunks, to shreds, and then to creamy!

Put in a mason jar, and keep in the fridge, will last quite a while if kept cold!



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