The smeel of fall; Pumpkin pie spice mix.


Oh, conversions!

This week, when I made my pumpkin pie, I was really only looking to make enough spice mix, for that one pie, which was easily estimatable, by smeel and amount.

Then, I got a great idea, to make a little jar of spice mix, just like you would buy in the store, grinding up the spices I had, and using the mortar and pestil I found such a great deal on in france last summer. The whole deal was going great.. untill I realized I would have to times my recipe by a lot, to make 3/4 a cup of this spice mix and save it for all fall and winter!

After measuring it out, I figured this out, the long way:

Share the knowledge!!

1 cup= 48 teaspoons

1 cup= 16 tablespoon

Trust me on this one!

Here’s the mix:

makes 3/4 cup.

1/4 cup ground cinnamon

2 tablespoons ground home- dried ginger

2 tablespoons ground nutmeg

2 tablespoons ground cloves (find these whole at the health food store)


Have a great fall!

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