October: fighting against Breast cancer, GMO foods, while celebrating vegetarian month!


October is a great month for awareness, it encompasses both genetically modified food awareness month, breast cancer awareness month, along with the celebration of vegetarian month among the vegan and vegetarian communities.

Breast cancer prevention is the key, throughout October. Breast cancer while more commonly fatal in women, can develop in the breast tissue of both genders. In 2011, a predicted 230,000 women while develop breast cancer, joined by 2,000 men. Along with limiting alcohol intake, getting plenty of physical exercise, breastfeeding, and not using hormone therapies, eating a plant-based diet, will also reduce risks for many cancer, including breast cancer.

GMO awareness month, launched by the Non-GMO project and other associations, takes place every october in order to increase awareness of the dangers of genetically modified and engineered foods on both humans and the environment. Fighting for natural, organic whole food products they certify products “non-GMO” the same way a product would be labeled “organic”.

Why are genetically modified organisms bad?

In over 30 countries, including all countries in the european union, australia, and japan, there is restriction and even banning on the production of genetically modified organisms because they are unsafe. The FDA approves GMO to be produced in the us, based on safety tests done which were not conform to the norms of the other countries, by the precautionary principle, we should avoid GMO foods in the same way we should avoid pesticides.

Vegetarian celebration/awareness month. My commitment during this month, being a vegetarian is to increase the awareness through media, by mostly to celebrate with my recipes and share them with the world! This month is great to be national vegetarian awareness month, because the 11th also marks my one year since becoming a vegetarian and the 6 month anniversary of my website.

next Wednesday I will post a list of my favorite No-GMO food products, discuss the difference between Organic and non-GMO and also announce the publishing date of the first draft of my book- very exciting

Be aware, and have a great vegetarian celebration for your next meal!

How about a slice of vegan pumpkin pie? Recipe tomorrow!

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