A lovely love sandwich


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Here in my couple, we call a love sandwich a:  quick, healthy, gourmet and super tasty sandwich made by either one of us!

Last week I caught a cold, which left me home to sleep for 18 hours..

Luckily for me, I have the most incredible partner in the whole planet, who made me one of the best Love Sandwiches yet!

Recipe for this version of the love sandwich:

Makes two love sandwiches

-4 pieces of whole grain, Two sesame crusted bread.

-Farm to market Sharp Cheedar

-Hummus (spread on one of the slices)

-Veganaise (spead on the other slice)

-One tomato sliced largely

-Baby spinach (try and pick organic for the spinach, as it is a leafy green and susceptible to a larger pesticide contamination)

Yummy, Make these lovely treats, eat and enjoy an episode or two of your favorite TV show!

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