French Nougatine


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Nougatine, is a wonderful delicacy  you can find topping the most beautiful wedding cakes of Paris and it’s surrounding. The ingredents are simple as can be, but like with any other caramel- it’s the making that is trickey. With a little time, and a watched eye, your nougatine can be perfect too!

Here are a few tips:

-Start with a warm pan.

-constantly stir

-keep the browning to a constant, it should be even

-DO NOT TOUCH, or let bubble on you.. It will burn your skin terribly.

-keep all children away from the stove top, and keep your attention focussed solely on the Caramel

-If it clumps turn the heat down and stir- be patient it will get back to liquid.

-Do not be dissapointed if it doesn’t work on the first try, these recipes need practice!



-One cup sugar

-Chopped nuts to stir in a the end (optional)


Heat a pan, and drop the sugar. Stir constantly, when the sugar becomes liquid and starts to brown, watch for the color that my caramel is in the pictures above, when it reached this color, take off heat, and while stiring; mix in the nuts. ( I used almond) or skip this step. on a greased baking sheet lay the Nougatine and let cool, try to lay the caramel thin and evenly on the sheet. once dry, break off a piece and enjoy, it should be almost too tough to break, this is perfect!


If you have any trouble with your caramel, comment here and I will give more tips.

Every one can feel like a famous Patissier (sweets baker) and with the ingredients being one cup of sugar, you have no excuse not too try until you get it right!





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