Cookie monster cupcakes for 2, 4, or 24!


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Brought to you by the letter A and the number 3 (drumroll..)

Cookie Monster Cupcakes for 2, 4, or 29..

I made these lovely cupcakes for my sweeties little brother, and his little cousin. These are so much fun and a great gift for little ones who love Sesame Street! I sure wish I could have these for my next birthday.. and I may!!


Makes four cupcakes: Times the recipe as much as you want!

-One Egg
-4 Tablespoons Sugar
-2 tablespoons Extra Virgin Olive Oil or Sunflower oil.
-One teaspoon Vanilla Bean extract
-half of a cup All Purpose Flour
-3 Tablespoons Organic Milk
-Pinch of salt
Mix all together with a hand whisk,  Heat over to 350, and cook for 15 minutes!
Decorating like Sesame Street:
(for four cupcakes)
-Four Marshmallows (try finding Vegan mellows)
-Black writing bakers paste
-4 “chips Ahoy” type cookies  (Mini sized are good for this too!)
-Homemade Icing with a bit of  Natural Blue food coloring
-Homemade Blue sprinkles.
If you are still buying your own Sprinkles, you will love this idea. I make my own sprinkles. Using a single drop of food coloring in a zip-lock bag, I add the desired amount of sugar, and shake! These are perfect, and look like the fine sprinkles, a fun way to make your own, and know just what is in those sprinkles too!
For a guide on how to put together the cupcakes, look at the slideshow!
Enjoy singing along to this while you make them too, (I sure did..over and over again)
A happy birthday to my best friend in the whole world:Alyssa Garofalo
I hope you enjoy these as your virtual birthday party! Love you.

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