Lunch boxes and waiting for the Vitamix..


Waiting for my love: Ida-the-vita to get here, I have found myself having to make my own lunch without the Vitamix. So, while I patiently wait, I will try to construct healthy lunches that are cool, and healthy, and that I can just eat in the middle of class ( I get hungry before lunch! )

Lunch Box of today:

-Organic Crofters Pomegranate Jam, and all natural Earth Balance Peanut Butter (PB & J)

-Fresh Fruit salad: Organic Banana, Nectarine (USA)

-Homemade Nut trail mix, Hemp granola, Dried fruit

-New Zealand , Grass Fed: Sharp Cheddar

-Acai berry juice+ Orange juice, Carrot Juice, Apple juice, POM juice, Celery juice


This year i bought a few new reusable containers to complement the ones I had, I started the year off with a new Hot & Cold Thermos food jar, and a new Hot & Cold BPA free canteen, as well as a BPA free On The Go Salad Maker with Dressing and Ice Pack compartment, Two new BPA free  “Princess” snack boxes, and my old wonderful BPA free Sandwich box.

Try buying reusable containers, It’s a great way of ridding your self of unnecessary plastic trash, as well as making sure all your lunches are in BPA free containers.

Some BPA free containers are more expensive than others, but don’t be fouled their all fine, I got my princess ones at Target for 1$ versus 5$ for a same one without the princess design, for the 8$ I saved between the two: I don’t mind the princess!

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