Organic Green tea and Banana smoothies


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Organic Green tea, Vanilla and banana smoothies 

Making this smoothie is easy all you have to do, is prep in advance.

this recipe has two parts: the regular smoothie ingredients, and the green tea “cubes”


Green tea cubes

-one sachet of Green tea

-2 cups of water

leave the tea bag in the hot water for 20 minutes, the idea is to get the solute very concentrated in order to make it only necessary to one one or two cups for a whole glass of iced green tea.

next, freeze the ice cubs in an ice cube tray.

Green tea, Vanilla and Banana Smoothie

-one cup milk/ Almond milk

-two bananas

-one teaspoon natural vanilla extract

-two or three green tea cubes!

blend and voila!!

you can use the Green Tea cubes to make regular iced tea, by adding a couple of them to a glass of cold water!

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