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Tomatillo Salsa Verde



Two tomatillos, some salt, pep., and remember cilantro and a little lime juice.


Almond, Fig, and Greens salad


 What an awsome salad. Me and Alyssa made this over Thanksgiving, on our Veggie Feast day. Another whole foods trip that was well worth the price!

Greens and fig Salad:

-Cup Almonds

-Fig and Walnut Dressing

-Bunch Celery

-One Apple

-Rainbow Collard greens with Rainbow roots.

-One Avocado


Whole foods Cheese splurge!


Me and Alyssa just had to splurge and get all these! Even with just the two of us over a weekend, I bet there weren’t any crumbs left!

-Rustic Baguette

-Raspberry preserves

-Fig preserves

-Cranberry chesse

-Organic “happy Goat” chesse

-Passport Crackers

-Sharp cheese

Ah Whole foods, what a special place you are!



Did you know Artichokes are an affective way to work with symptoms of some deseases.

for patients with diabetes, the carbohydrate in the artichoke helps stabilize blood.

they also help liver function, and work to reduce cholesterol.

Sometimes just googling ” the health beniftis of —–” can save you a drug!

Be your own expert.. know your veggie powers!

Happy eating

Health Benefits of Blue Chesse


You mean moldy chesse actually is better than other cheese, or just as good?

Other than the rough moldy exterier that is blue cheese, it offers some pretty nice benefits, other than it’s taste!

Here are some of the cool things that blue cheese can help with..

-Help prevent disease such as breast cancer, help with pre menstrual syndrome, prevent bone loss and migraines.

– Assists growth in girls,

-prevents gout,

-helps burn fat,

– and prevent tooth decay!

Thank godness for calcium, although most cheese do the same, it’s good to know Blue cheese does help all these too.

(American Journal of Clinical Nutrition)