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Whole food’s “better breakfast pitta”


Here’s the mix that went into my “better breakfast pitta”

-Baby spinach leaves

-2 Farm eggs

– Salt & pep

Cook as you would eggs and add to the pitta pocket. ūüôā

loads of protein, and some leafy greens.. no better way to start the day.


Snack picnic


We always love picnics, but some times it’s tough to make outings coinside with a meal time. So why not pack a snack picnic, this will also we easier to transport in a backpack, and give you all that extra boost of energy for the walk or bike home!

This picnic:



-Fruit juice



– Apples


and some¬†Reece’s

Healthy Cola?


Love Cola, but are trying to avoid junk drinks?

Whole foods has you convered, Their 365 Brand now offeres Cola drinks, which are all natural, and much heathier than regular soft drinks at an equivalent price to Coke Cola!

How refreshing!

The health benefits of Olives


(Bretagne France, 201o)

Ever wonderdered what those olives you had sitting in that jar in your fridge really brought ya?

Well, resently, I discovered olive contain over 25% of your daily intake of Iron for a cup. Vegeterians have a higher chance of being anemic (not enough Iron) and eating more olives may be a nice way to increase Iron intake instead of supliment pills.

Olives are also high in Vitamin E, and have Anti-inflammatory properties.

So, next time you make yourself a sandwich, add a couple olives!

Leftover-Fruit tarts


These lovely mini fruit tarts were “snapped” at La duree, the famous pastry place in Paris.

Mini fruit tarts don’t have to be this fancy, with this recipe, you don’t have to even buy tons of fruit!

Cook your mini pie crusts as instructed on the box (you can find these in the frozen aisle), then add a little homemade vanilla custard, and garnish with any fruits in your fruit bowl. a little sugary water makes the tarts nice and shinny!

Homemade Throat Coat Tea


Here’s a simple recipe for a sore throat that will not only help soothe it, but also clear it.. as well as save you lots of cash on expensive “throat coat” brands.

Dissolve¬†one Ginger Peoples “Ginger Chew” in a cup of peppermint tea, and add a teaspoon of honey. While the honey coats the throat, the ginger will work at¬†purifying¬†the throat.

Ginger chews can be found at health stores in the candy aisle as well as world markets, and some supermarkets.

Happy Stumble!


What an Awesome website I stumbled upon yesterday.. Just type in your city, and you can find all the Vegan, Vegeterian, and Veg-friendly restaurants near by!

I was surprised by the cool ones I found, i’ll definatly try some this summer!